Start Smarter
This is a free book (55 pages) that describes a day in the life of a licensee. For some, real estate brokerage is a dream career; for others, it is a challenge. As best we can, we want to help you determine if real estate is for you before you spend your precious time and money pursuing a career that is more challenging than it appears.
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Real Estate Company Questionnaire
A good way to explore a career in real estate is to make a list of real estate agencies where you think you might like to work. Call up the Designated Broker of each agency and ask for an informational interview: “Hi.. I’m thinking of getting my real estate license; could I make an appointment to come in for an informational interview?”
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Pearson VUE Maine Real Estate Candidate Handbook
The candidate handbook is a useful tool in preparing for an examination. It is highly recommended that the State of Maine Real Estate Candidate Handbook be reviewed, with special attention given to the content outlines, before taking the examination.
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Income/Expense Projection Spreadsheet
An important part of success in real estate is making plans to succeed.  Here is a simple EXCEL spreadsheet which you can use to project your income, your business expenses, your income tax obligations, and the income available to you from your real estate practice.  You can make assumptions about your transactions for different years to anticipate how your business may grow.

Note:  this spreadsheet contains formulas that relate expenses to income and because these are best guesses on the part of the authors of the spreadsheet, they will not reflect your personal decisions and experience.  However, the spreadsheet will help you set goals and plan for your success.  It is a planning tool and not a guarantee.

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