Add a Hardcopy Version Introduction to a Successful Career in Maine Real Estate




It all starts here: this book is used in our Sales Agents course for those just starting their careers, and for people taking the Maine Law Exam. They will find all they need to know in this popular textbook. The author, Kim Coit, has made a special effort to make the book readable and fun.

After more than 30 years working in real estate offices, he has hundreds of stories he uses to illustrate major points of law and why students need to understand the law. “War stories” are so important because readers remember stories more effectively than simple statements of law or rules. In addition, Kim has had fun naming the characters in his stories. Frank Speaker, Denise R. Hurten, and Pat Down, and lawyers from the firm of Billum Hye and Offen are some of the characters you will meet. Our colleagues at The Real Estate Learning Group (TRELG) have incorporated the book as the core to their text: From the Ground Up.