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RRCRRC – 8 Steps to Break into the Luxury Real Estate Market: If you are breaking into the luxury market (considered the top 20% of the market) and you are not sure what you need to do, this is the seminar for you. It can be intimidating for an agent to sell high-end homes and this seminar will go step by step on how to get the listing to how to market it once you get it.Link
RRCRRC – A Photo Sells a Thousand Homes: Changes in both technology and the real estate business have led to a rise in the importance of having the right photos to attract buyers to your listings and sell homes. This course will help you understand how photos attract buyers to homes, identify the right photos you should take of every home, and understand exactly how to visually compose the best photos.Link
RRCRRC – Advanced Pricing Strategies: Competitive Pricing for Sellers and Buyers: With low inventories and high competition for clients and their homes, pricing competitively and making appealing offers is more important than ever. Link
RRCRRC – Building a Dynamic Team: Creating a top producing team can mean more time, money, and freedom. But it can also be a daunting task for most agents. Learn the steps to building an effective team.Link
RRCRRC – Building a Referral-Based Real Estate Business: Referrals are a major source of business for real estate agents. Working by referral and repeat business is a lot easier than trying to drum up new leads. A whole new component has been added to the referral arena in the form of online reviews.Link
RRCRRC – Creating Value for Your Clients: In this class, you solve real estate issues using a learn-by-doing approach. In this course you’ll encounter audio clips of how to conduct listing presentations, scripts for how to negotiate, sample documents from CRS students and members, and video stories from RRC Certified Instructors.Link
RRCRRC – Creative Real Estate Financing: Not sure what functional financing is available in today’s market? Increase your sales and your value as an agent by arming yourself with knowledge for your buyers on loan options. RRC subject matter expert Marki Lemons-Ryhal dissects vehicles such as FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, non-banking loans, and down payment assistance.Link
RRCRRC – Cyber Security for the Residential Specialist: Online security is an important part of our very connected lives. As a real estate agent, you must protect your personal and business-related data from any threats that may arise. In this self-paced online course, you will gain a deeper understanding of social engineering and discover ways to keep your digital information secure.Link
RRCRRC – Digital Marketing: Establishing a Social Media Brand On-Demand: Social media has become a cornerstone of real estate marketing. No business can expect to be successful without using at least one social media platform. But social media marketing is more than having an account and posting about new listings. How can you effectively utilize social media in your marketing? How can you create a strategy that works with your personality and strengths? This course is meant to take your social media marketing and give it a focus and approach. Link
RRCRRC – Digital Marketing: Social Media Certification: This program is for real estate professionals who want to develop expertise with social media resources and sites that are an essential part of today’s digital marketing mix whether you are promoting your business or the properties you represent.Link
RRCRRC – Drone Photography for Real Estate: Drone photography is a hot topic and continues to grow in popularity. Learn the different ways to effectively use drone videos to promote your listings, techniques for capturing and editing video footage, various features and options found on drones, and licensing and registration requirements. The course also includes captivating examples of drone videos along with easy-to-follow guidance to help you capture cinematic shots and increase the production value of your videos.Link
RRCRRC – Eco Living: High Performance Homes: A high-performance home is a dwelling that exists in harmony with its surrounding environment, conserving resources, and enhancing sustainability while reducing waste. Increasingly, homeowners are looking to feel good about the way their property interacts with the environment.Link
RRCRRC – Fair Housing: More than Just the Law: As REALTORS®, you are required to comply with the high standards of professionalism required and all agents must be familiar with the United States Fair Housing Act. This two-hour course provides a review of the key areas of the Act, provides techniques to help you fairly and equitably assist clients from all backgrounds, and shares ways to help ensure your business is in compliance with the Fair Housing Act as well as Title III of the ADA and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the Worldwide Web Consortium.Link
RRCRRC – First Time Home Buyers: This is a two-hour RRC eLearning course that focuses on REALTOR® safety issues. It was created to provide real estate professionals with strategies and resources to develop and implement safety policies and programs to help keep them safe.Link
RRCRRC – For Sale By Owner: In any good Seller’s market, many consumers contemplate the possibility of selling on their own. When agents make it look easy, then it looks easy to the consumer. The draw of selling on your own unleashes a different kind of potential seller. This course shares a proven method for approaching, helping, and ultimately converting the For Sale by Owner prospect to a listing.Link
RRCRRC – Foundations of Negotiations: Superior communication skills are a core requirement for successful real estate agents, and at no time is communication more critical than during negotiations. Your performance during negotiations will stick in your clients’ minds and often serve as a key differentiator. The goal of this course is to provide a solid start to the negotiation process for residential real estate professionals. Whether you are negotiating a listing contract with a seller or the price of a home with a buyer, your negotiation skills directly influence the results you get.Link
RRCRRC – How Do I Make My Photos Look Like That?: There is a vast difference in photos used to market real estate: some look professional, while others, not so much. With the help of subject matter expert Dale Carlton, CRS, discover how experts distinguish the properties they list with photos and uncover how to leverage a camera and the technology available to make photos look more professional. Also learn about the available software and editing capabilities available at minimal price. Take professional photos today or use this course to help you work closer with a skilled photographer to set your listings apart.Link
RRCRRC – iBuying: Work with It, Not Against It!: Are iBuyers the industry disruptors that we all fear? Of course not! This course will help you to understand the iBuying business model, identify reasons that sellers would be attracted to an iBuyer and provide some insight on how you may leverage it to take your business to the next level. Our CRS experts have come together to give you their tips and tricks on how to incorporate iBuyers into your clientele.Link
RRCRRC – Inside Sales Agent – Level 1: The Inside Sales Agent certification program teaches REALTORS® the art of cultivating leads and adding qualified customers to the office’s sales funnel. The certification provides opportunities to learn and practice the skills and techniques top agents use to turn leads to clients and existing customers into repeat business while helping you build your lucrative career.Link
RRCRRC – Keep it Simple with Low-Cost Online Marketing: The economy has changed and an agent’s marketing strategies need to change as well. There are now more ways than ever to market yourself and your real estate services online at little to no cost. This RRC Internet course focuses on successful and proven online marketing strategies for agents that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. In this course, RRC will provide the best online marketing strategies available for low to no cost! Upon completion, you earn 8 credits toward the CRS Designation.Link
RRCRRC – Listing Strategies: Conducting Your Presentation and Clinching Your Listing: Clearly one of the key components of securing a listing is your listing presentation. Tailoring your presentation to meet the needs of your sellers; to highlight your ability to best serve them in a competitive market; and to solidify your relationship with your sellers are critical elements to a successful presentation. In this course, you will examine best practices for achieving your desired results by employing perceptive strategies to identify your sellers’ motivations, create an effective listing presentation, and master your presentation appointment. Authored by successful CRS professionals, this course also walks you through scripts and dialogs to effectively counter seller objections and clinch the listing!Link
RRCRRC – Listing Strategies: Marketing and Selling Your Listing: You will learn practical ways to systematize your listing process and get new marketing ideas to sell homes quickly and for top dollar. Understand how your client is wired and what they are looking for, so you can secure the listing. In addition, you will be introduced to tools needed to adapt to sellers’ needs.Link
RRCRRC – Listing Strategies: Pre-Listing Preparation: Whether you are looking to build your listings or simply keep your database fresh, maintaining a flow of potential customers is crucial to your success. While attracting potential clients is key you also need a strategy and systems for converting sellers into listings and those listings into sales. In this course you will examine the key elements associated with the listing process, specifically, the first stage of that process – pre-listing preparation. You are challenged with applying best practice techniques and with creating your personal portfolio for your own pre-listing preparation process.Link
RRCRRC – Listing Strategies: Pricing Your Listing: Appropriate pricing is a key component of selling your listings. In fact, it is the listing price that generates interest and showings. No amount of marketing will sell an overpriced property. So how do you position the property to compete effectively with other listings and satisfy your sellers’ needs?Link
RRCRRC – Luxury Estate Pricing Strategies: Luxury homes and estates tend to be large, unique and often loaded with custom features. This course will teach you to obtain, promote and profit from Luxury Pricing expertise.Link
RRCRRC – Luxury Home Certification: This is for agents looking to hone their skills in the ever-growing luxury home market. The courses included will give REALTORS® the knowledge they need to approach the luxury niche, including pricing strategies, negotiation tactics, and how to stand out from the crowd. Link
RRCRRC – Management Skills to Improve Team Performance: Are you ready to take your team to the next level? This course covers supervising and managing a growing real estate team. Find out how to communicate, motivate and create goals that will grow your business – and your team’s. CRS experts share how to meet with your team to give and receive feedback, how (and when) to delegate, and what factors to measure when creating real estate team goals. You will also learn how your personality – and the personality of your team members – affects team performance, and how to use those personality types to your business’s advantage.Link
RRCRRC – Managing Your Online Presence: Whether you are trying to connect with new clients or strengthen existing relationships with current ones, the impression that you make online is crucial to your success. With so many options available, knowing how to focus your efforts can be a challenge. This course guides you through a self-assessment and the creation of an action plan for enhancing and monitoring your brand’s online reputation.Link
RRCRRC – Millionaire Negotiation Rules that Work in Any Price Range: Who would have thought that strategies and rules for negotiating with millionaires and billionaires could be used in ANY price range? Over more than four decades, Jack Cotton has been obsessed with leveling the playing field when dealing with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI’s) in the listing and sale of multi-million dollar estates.If you have ever felt out-gunned in negotiation situations, this webinar is for you. Learn the secrets and techniques used by millionaires and billionaires that will help you up your own negotiation game.Link
RRCRRC – Navigating the Social Media Maze: Social media can enhance your business, but without a plan, you may end up wasting your time. Get the most out of social media with this course by developing a strategy to set goals, target your interactions, maintain consistent engagement, and assess the impact of your efforts.Link
RRCRRC – Negotiations: Evolving Client Expectations: What your client wants can change over time. This course will better equip you to help your clients negotiate the unexpected.Link
RRCRRC – Negotiations: Managing Difficult Situations: Hone in on specific goals for finding common ground that can be built upon during the negotiation between clients. For instance, recognize when a negotiation is going in the wrong direction and identify responses to common objections. You will see how to bring parties together so that everyone feels like they won.Link
RRCRRC – Negotiations: Understanding People: To be successful in a negotiation, an agent must come in prepared: know the state of current market trends and status (nationwide and local), and get to know the people involved, be aware of how others communicate and think differently and how adapting your communications styles will best serve a collaborative environment. These steps then set up how you can start identifying, and how to separate, interests from positions. As a trusted advisor, expertise and knowledge will gain you the edge.Link
RRCRRC – Professional Photos Through Bracketing: This course aims to teach you the basics: what bracketing is, the advantages it brings, how to do it, and the factors to consider when shooting photos for bracketing. If you enjoy shooting your own listing photos, this course teaches you how to make those photos virtually indistinguishable from images taken by a professional. If you work with a professional photographer, this course helps you develop an understanding of some of the tools photographers have at their disposal so you can articulate your vision and expectations more efficiently.Link
RRCRRC – Property Management Essentials: In this self-paced online course, you will gain a deeper and broader understanding of the property management process, legal and contractual considerations, as well as best practices and expert tips for success. You will learn directly from leading CRS designees who have successfully integrated property management as a profitable component of their real estate businesses. This course is ideal for REALTORS® who need a blueprint for starting a career as a professional property manager, and also for experienced property managers who are looking for tools and techniques to propel their businesses to the next level.Link
RRCRRC – Putting Technology to Work for Your Clients: This course examines the changing role of real estate agents, provides tips on the technology needed to effectively work with online consumers, and gives you templates and strategies for operating with today’s real estate technology. Take this course anytime and from any PC with an Internet connection. You’ll have 6 months to complete this 8-hour course and pass the final exam. Upon completion, you earn 8 credits toward the CRS Designation.Link
RRCRRC – Running Your Business in the Cloud: Agents are constantly on the go and they require technologies to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently in this highly mobile career. Boost your productivity and profitability by learning how to stream your business using cloud services with the help of subject matter experts Seth Dailey, CRS and John Morley, CRS. Learn the steps to start implementing cloud computing into your daily routine. Discover the freedom to go anywhere and have your data instantly available from any device.Link
RRCRRC – Scripts and Dialogues: Find Your Voice: No matter how long you have been a REALTOR®, you will sometimes find yourself in situations where you wish you knew what to say. With practice, you will become a more professional advocate and turn prospects into clients.Link
RRCRRC – Smart Home Technologies for the Residential Specialist: With more than 25 billion smart home devices in US homes, REALTORS® must arm themselves with a clear understanding of what a smart home is, common smart home device features and functions, and ways to recognize the benefits and value. With this course, you will take a 3D tour of an actual smart home to see how easily these devices blend into their environment. You will gain an understanding of smart devices that you can immediately start to utilize in discussions with clients. This introductory eLearning course covers the basics of smart home technologies and can be taken individually or as part of the RRC Smart Home Certification program.Link
RRCRRC – Strategies to Help Finance and Grow Your Real Estate Business: Putting together the financing to launch or expand your real estate business takes serious planning and effort. A diligent agent must weigh the benefits and risk of available funding options and determine which source(s) of cash provides the greatest flexibility at the least cost. You do not have to limit those options. Many small businesses start with money obtained from a mix of different sources that prove to be beneficial for long-term growth. With the help of subject matter expert Marki Lemons-Ryhal, learn how to finance your real estate business and gain ideas for long-term growth.Link
RRCRRC – Succeeding in the Luxury Market On-Demand: This course is designed to assist real estate professionals in developing the market expertise and savvy customer service skills necessary for success in the luxury home market. The focus is on providing you with a strategy for breaking into the luxury market and valuable tools to successfully differentiate your business and compete. From the 7 step process to breaking into the luxury niche to a review of advanced negotiation tactics common to the luxury market, this course will help you set your business apart.Link
RRCRRC – Systems for Agent Safety: This is a two-hour RRC eLearning course that focuses on REALTOR® safety issues. It was created to provide real estate professionals with strategies and resources to develop and implement safety policies and programs to help keep them safe. Upon completion of the final exam, candidates may earn 2 CRS designation credits and designees earn 2 maintenance credits. This course is not eligible for any Continuing Education credit.Link
RRCRRC – The Real Estate Social Media Marketing Planner: REALTORS® stop being stressed by what to post online. Create a 12-month marketing calendar of relevant content that connects you to the businesses and community that you serve. Discover resources that supply you with content and wake up daily knowing what to post and when to post it.Link
RRCRRC – Top of Mind Awareness: This is a two-hour RRC eLearning course which focuses on top of mind awareness for residential agents. This course was created to provide real estate professionals with strategies and resources to help become the first person customers consider when it is time to buy or sell a property.Link
RRCRRC – Use Story to Succeed in Luxury Real Estate and Beyond: Luxury real estate agents often face a divide of age, wealth, experience, etc. with their well-to-do clients. CRS Instructor, Jack Cotton details how to use the power of story in luxury listing presentations to bridge any gaps and create a sense of reverence for your brand and your service.Link
RRCRRC – Video Marketing to Enhance Your Business: Consumers increasingly are going online to learn about neighborhoods and properties and make decisions about which agents they want to work with. To connect with consumers in fast-paced, digital environments, you must set yourself apart and grab their attention almost instantly. Video marketing is a highly effective tool for achieving these purposes. This course offers strategies for using video marketing to build your business. Using real world scenarios and examples, it takes you through the planning and implementation of video marketing projects.Link
RRCRRC – Working with Real Estate Investors: Real estate investors do not think like home buyers. They have unique needs, and the savvy REALTOR® can build a powerful, loyal niche business by understanding and exceeding those needs, and offering value added services. This 2-hour course will cover the types of residential real estate investors, how to attract and maintain investor business, how to assist in long-range planning, and create a client relationship for life. Whether you are negotiating a listing contract with a seller or the price of a home with a buyer, your negotiation skills directly influence the results you get.Link