Class NameDescriptionLink
Commercial Pro PathwayBREAK INTO COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: The commercial real estate market is full of opportunity, but conducting business in commercial real estate is a very different process than conducting business in the residential market. Learn about commercial property types, client groups, transactions, valuation methods, and marketing strategies, as well as the resources needed to pursue a career in commercial real estate.Link
Community Focus PathwaySERVE YOUR CLIENTS, SERVE YOUR COMMUNITY: Being a successful REALTOR® requires the ability to work effectively with many different types of clients within a community. Gain an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of specific client groups so that you can best serve their buying and selling needs.Link
Global Pro PathwayGOING GLOBAL: In our increasingly connected world, it is essential to be able to work effectively with—and within—a rapidly changing multicultural real estate market. Gain an understanding of the characteristics of different global markets, how to take advantage of the opportunities that exist within these markets, and how to facilitate business with cultural competency.Link
High End Clients PathwayWHAT HIGH-END BUYERS WANT: Working with clients who invest in high net-worth properties poses a unique business opportunity for real estate professionals. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to build a referral network and to help clients evaluate and select the property type, investment strategies, and financing options that meet their objectives.Link
Marketing Pro PathwayBETTER MARKETING NOW: An essential part of any business is marketing. But in today’s technology-driven world, it can be challenging to distinguish yourself. Learn how to identify and build your brand, generate leads, and market the specific aspects of your business that make you stand out.Link
Property Investment PathwayINVEST IN REAL ESTATE, INVEST IN YOURSELF: Real estate offers many opportunities to build wealth, each with their own considerations and transactions. Learn about the different ways clients can invest in property and how you can support a client’s investment goals across these property types.Link
Real Estate Foundations PathwaySTARTING WITH A STRONG FOUNDATION IS KEY: Learn the core skills you need to be a well-rounded REALTOR®, including professionalism, negotiation skills, working with both buyers and sellers, and keeping yourself safe on the job.Link
Skill Advancement PathwaySPECIALIZE YOUR SKILL SET: Moving beyond the basics and developing a specialized skillset can set you apart as a knowledgeable leader in your real estate community. Learn the ins and outs of key areas in real estate, including pricing strategies, negotiation, new homes, managing teams, and working with different generational client groups.Link
Sustainability Pro PathwayHELP YOUR CLIENTS GO GREEN: The long-term cost savings, health impact, and durability associated with sustainable homes continue to shape the real estate market. Take advantage of this niche by learning how to effectively serve “green” consumers. Gain knowledge of current trends in sustainable housing, ways to improve a home’s resource efficiency, and strategies for marketing the benefits of buying or selling a resource efficient home.Link
Tech Pro PathwayHARNESS THE POWER OF DATA: When harnessed effectively, technology and data can be powerful tools for your business. Learn about the platforms, resources, and strategies that you can leverage to help you enhance your business practices, better support clients, and generate new leads.Link