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Perfect CRMA customer relationship management (CRM) program is one of the most important decisions you have to make, as it ends up running your business. Picking a CRM is not an easy task; it often involves copious amounts of research and picking the wrong one can result in lost time and duplicative work. In this course, you will learn the ten steps you will want to take to ensure that you pick the perfect CRM for your real estate business.16 mins$9Link
Global RE: 3 Things to KnowWhether you’re just getting started in global real estate, have a few years under your belt, or are considering expanding into global real estate, this course is for you. It explores three key areas to consider and plan for as you develop your international business strategy.10 mins$9Link
4-1-1 for SuccessIn every transaction, there are key questions that, when answered, can provide a smoother and more successful experience for you and your clients. This course explores the questions that can help you determine if you’re a good fit for a potential client, understand your clients’ goals, and help guide them through the decision-making process.11 mins$9Link
5 Things They Didn’t Tell YouReal estate school is fantastic, but it’s just the start. This course covers five things you need to know to be successful in your real estate career: the obvious, the not so obvious, and the practical. 11 mins$9Link
7 Cosas que Debes y No Debes Muchos agentes inmobiliarios están en las redes sociales e intentan usarlas para crear más negocios, pero no siempre tienen éxito. Este curso explora algunos errores comunes que cometen los agentes inmobiliarios cuando usan las redes sociales, así como algunas acciones importantes que puede tomar para aprovechar al máximo sus plataformas.9 mins$9Link
8 Advantages of InvestingThis video explores eight unique advantages of investing in real estate. With this knowledge, you’ll gain an understanding of what make real estate investments different from traditional investments and the benefits they can provide you as an investor.10 mins$9Link
A Broker’s Perspective on TeamsBefore adding or growing teams to your brokerage, it is important to consider the do’s and don’ts of teams from the broker’s perspective. This course reviews tips and tricks for setting up, managing, and growing teams at a brokerage.11 mins$9Link
Social for the Social Movement?There are so many social media platforms out there; how do you know which one is the most beneficial for your business? This course will help you obtain the knowledge, tools, resources, and skills needed to adapt to the ongoing advancements in social media and to engage with your audience.9 mins$9Link
Audio ContentAudio content is growing quickly as it is consumed through podcasts, Alexa Flash Briefings, and social media. This course discusses the ways in which you can use audio content creatively to continue to grow your audience and your business.7 mins$9Link
Best Apps & Tools for Real Estate SafetyReal estate can be a dangerous profession; there are opportunities such as open houses and property showings where you may be alone and vulnerable. This course discusses several apps and tools you can use to help protect yourself and those you love.10 mins$9Link
Budgeting Home & BusinessThis course is designed to help you understand how vital budgeting, goal setting, and financial planning are to a successful real estate career, and walks through the process of creating and tracking your own budget.21 mins$9Link
Building Multiple Income StreamsThis course discusses methods to create alternative income sources that, in turn, can create life options far more robust than relying solely on real estate transactions.8 mins$9Link
Building Personal & Business CreditIn this course, you will learn about credit and how you can build both personal and business credit to help leverage your career and create a safety net for future emergencies.8 mins$9Link
Business Planning: ExpensesThere are numerous courses on generating business and income; this course will cover the other half of your business – expenses.11 mins$9Link
Business Planning: Finding a CPANot all tax professionals are the same; choosing one that fits your specific needs can help you build a successful partnership and can save you thousands of dollars. This video will discuss the reasons for working with a tax professional and the questions to ask when interviewing potential Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).9 mins$9Link
Business Planning: It Takes a TeamYou need a team in order to be successful in real estate. Not a real estate team, but a business team. This video covers the different roles to consider when building out a successful business team and the questions to ask when finding the right people for the job.10 mins$9Link
Business Planning: Saving & InvestingSavings and investing are not the same thing and therefore shouldn’t be treated the same. This course provides an overview of planning for savings and emergencies, as well as identifying funds for investments, all of which can contribute to a stress-free retirement.11 mins$9Link
Business Planning: 3 Largest DeductiblesTaking tax deductions can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to. This video covers the top three tax deductions all real estate agents should discuss with their tax professionals.14 mins$9Link
Calificando CompradoresTrabajar con compradores puede llevar mucho tiempo, pero es aún peor cuando no culmina con una venta. Este curso analiza cómo calificar a los compradores antes de comenzar a trabajar con ellos. Cubriremos qué información debe recopilarse y proporcionarse al trabajar con los compradores.10 mins$9Link
Challenges, Choices & Decisions for the Business of TomorrowAs real estate professionals, we wear many hats and a lot of us build systems to help us navigate the different aspects of our day-to-day business. Therefore, when adversity strikes, we can be uncertain of how to pivot. This course discusses how to pull apart and respond to the challenges that can arise.12 mins$9Link
Choose Your NicheIf you are interested in carving out a niche within the real estate market or learning more about possible areas of specialization within real estate, this is the course for you. This video provides an overview of real estate niches, the benefits of having one, and how you can begin to identify the right niche for you.7 mins$9Link
Commercial Real Estate: The Wild WestIn this video we’ll discuss commercial real estate and the unique risks involved compared to residential real estate. With this knowledge you’ll gain a better understanding of how to approach commercial real estate more safely and successfully.10 mins$9Link
Como empiezo un equipoLos equipos de bienes raíces se han vuelto muy populares, pero ¿cómo saber si formar un equipo es el paso correcto para usted? Este video lo ayudará a navegar esta decisión al considerar diferentes escenarios que podrían representar una razón para comenzar un equipo, las posibles estructuras de equipo para cada uno y las formas de construir un equipo sólido.9 mins$9Link
Consejos Para Una Presentacion de Listado Efectiva PresentationDurante este curso, aprenderá cómo preparar y realizar excelentes presentaciones de listados. Dado que no es un enfoque único para todos, aprenderá cómo personalizar sus presentaciones según las necesidades de sus clientes potenciales. Este curso también cubre cómo conocer a sus clientes potenciales, anticipar las preguntas que puedan tener durante su presentación y sentirse seguro con su entrega.11 mins$9Link
Construction Red FlagsThis video explores some basics of construction often encountered by REALTORS® in their daily practice: electrical, plumbing, on-site systems, and foundations. This is not in any way intended to make a REALTOR® an expert in these areas. The goal is to identify common problems so that you can advise your clients to have them looked at by a home inspector or other expert. 14 mins$9Link
Eat Your Frogs FirstLeverage your time to work smarter, not harder. This course covers tips for time management and strategies to employ for yearly, monthly, and daily focus.11 mins$9Link
Eco-friendly Home OfficesThis course provides ten strategies for setting up an eco-friendly home office. You’ll walk away with action items and ideas that you can implement in your business, including sustainable purchasing, improving efficiency, reducing toxins and waste, and giving green gifts.13 mins$9Link
Educating Clients Through StoriesStories are a great way to connect with others and to help people remember important information. This course explores the ways in which you as a real estate professional can use stories to build relationships and to help your clients understand what to expect from working with you.8 mins$9Link
Emotional IntelligenceThis course details the components of both emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and discusses how these factors can help you become more successful as an agent.35 mins$9Link
Energy Audits & HERS RatingsThis course provides a basic overview of the difference between home energy audits done by BPI professionals and HERS ratings done by RESNET professionals. Learn how you can add to the value of the home by effectively marketing the energy efficient features in a credible manner.10 mins$9Link
Equal Professional Service ModelThe Equal Professional Service Model, a key part of NAR’s fair housing curriculum, provides a solid foundation for providing consistent, equal services to your clients. This course explores the policies and procedures included in the model and will help you understand and implement these practices in your day-to-day business. 10 mins$9Link
Facebook LiveDo you want to stream live video from your upcoming open house or provide video content for consumers? Are you looking to increase your engagement and get more eyes on you and your organization? Video is increasingly becoming the tool of choice, with one survey by the Web Marketing Video Council finding that 61% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. This course covers Facebook Live and how to create and share video content via your social media platform. 10 mins$9Link
Fair Housing: Accommodations & ModificationsKnowing the difference between accommodations and modifications makes all the difference. This course will help provide clarity on the three areas that generate several questions as it relates to landlord/tenant laws and intentions.16 mins$9Link
Financing Unusual PropertiesThis video discusses the most common things that can make a house or a borrower ineligible for secondary market financing, and explores other sources of financing for these situations. 10 mins$9Link
Future PacingFuture pacing is the process of planning and preparing for a future that is consistent with your goals and lifestyle. This course discusses how to set goals for future pacing and how to implement methods in order to reach your goals, especially goals related to retirement.22 mins$9Link
Gain Leverage in Your Business Through Virtual Assistants This course provides an overview of virtual assistants: what they are, the types of tasks they can remove from your plate, and how you can set your assistant up for success so that you can focus on growing your business.10 mins$9Link
Green Home Certifications SimplifiedThis video provides a quick 10,000 ft overview of some of the most common national green home rating systems you may encounter in the marketplace. Learn which of the certifications are for new construction versus existing homes and explore differences between ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS, NGBS, LEED-Homes, ZERH, and Pearl.10 mins$9Link
Green Remodel HacksWhether your project is a weekend upgrade or a big undertaking like an addition or a gut-remodel, this course will share the top eight tips for a smooth green remodel.10 mins$9Link
Grow Your Business Through WebinarsIn today’s digital world, webinars are an effective way of reaching a wide audience, expanding your network, and showcasing your value proposition. This course discusses the many ways you can use webinars strategically as well as how to find a webinar platform that fits your goals. 9 mins$9Link
How AR & VR are Changing Real EstateAugmented and Virtual Reality are two technological advancements that are rapidly changing the real estate landscape. This video explores tools that allow you to create virtual floor plans, property tours, staging, renderings and more.15 mins$9Link
How Do I Start a Team? Real estate teams have become very popular, but how do you know if forming a team is the right step for you? This video will help you navigate this decision by considering different scenarios that could represent a reason to start a team, possible team structures for each, and ways to build a strong team.9 mins$9Link
How Investors Analyze PropertyWhen working with investors it is important to know how they analyze potential purchases. One common method is through Income, Rate and Value or IRV. This course looks at IRV and how to apply this method, along with other considerations investors may have when evaluating potential investments.10 mins$9Link
How the EPA Can Empty Your Wallet If a home was built prior to 1978, there’s a good chance it may contain lead-based paint. The EPA has strict rules regarding the renovations inside and outside these homes and the fines are hefty and if you don’t follow the guidelines. You could be liable for fines up to $39,873 per case if found in violation! This course discusses how to ensure you renovate so that you are in compliance.7 mins$9Link
How to Protect You & Your Clients from Wire Transfer FraudThis course discusses a common issue in the real estate industry — wire transfer fraud — and how to protect yourself, your business, and your clients from falling victim to this scheme.16 mins$9Link
Instagram & IGTVIGTV, or Instagram TV, is a vertical video channel inside of the social media app Instagram. This course covers the basics of IGTV, uploading video content, and using IGTV to engage your community.5 mins$9Link
Instagram LiveIn this course, you will learn how to use the Instagram Live feature to market yourself and increase participation in open houses, broker tours, and virtual events.6 mins$9Link
Instagram StoriesInstagram Stories is the one of the fastest growing form of internet content. This course provides you with an overview of Instagram Stories and how you can create your own stories, promote your brand, and expand your audience.9 mins$9Link
Instagram StrategyWith more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is regularly rolling out updates and new tools. This course walks you through the key marketing tools available to you on Instagram and how to expand your following using these features.16 mins$9Link
Lead Generation: Direct MailDirect mail is an underutilized, but effective tool in lead generation. When used properly, direct mail can create a consistent lead pipeline and help strengthen relationships with your existing database.15 mins$9Link
Lead Generation: GeofencingGeofencing is an advanced lead generation technique. This video explains what it is and how to best use this technique to identify potential buyers and sellers and generate more business.8 mins$9Link
Let’s Talk Flood InsuranceFlooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the U.S.; just an inch of water can cause $25,000 worth of damage to a home. Flood insurance is growing in importance and this course will equip REALTORS® with basic facts and updates about the National Flood Insurance Program (N.F.I.P.)26 mins$9Link
Los 4 Objetivos de un Plan de Mercadeo de un Agente ImmobiliarioAntes de comenzar a comercializar, necesita saber qué es exactamente lo que está tratando de lograr y quién es su público objetivo. Este curso explora cuatro objetivos que lo ayudarán a desarrollar un plan integral de marketing inmobiliario.9 mins$9Link
Love Letters, Love Videos & Fair HousingWhile many real estate professionals have probably encountered Love Letters throughout their career, these letters can raise ethical and even legal questions. This course discusses those considerations, as well as how you as a buyer’s or listing agent can navigate conversations about Love Letters with your clients.9 mins$9Link
Making the Client Connection in a Virtual World The real industry has changed tremendously in the last twenty years, including how we work with clients and what our clients expect. This course discusses the ways in which real estate professionals can build their brand virtually, connect with new clients, and meet the needs of today’s consumer.12 mins$9Link
Mi primer dian bienes raicesSi es nuevo en el negocio de bienes raíces o está renovando su negocio, este curso cubre las tareas fundamentales que debe completar para garantizar que esté en el camino correcto desde el principio. Este curso analiza los CRM, su propuesta de valor, la educación y el establecimiento de objetivos, todo lo cual lo ayudará a establecer un camino claro hacia el éxito.10 mins$9Link
Mid-Career: What I Wish Someone Told MeIn this course instructor John LeTourneau shares advice that he wishes someone would have told him towards the middle of his real estate career. Using these insights, the viewer should be better prepared to strategize their own “late-term” real estate career and ultimately navigate retirement more successfully.9 mins$9Link
Mortgage: Credit When working with buyers, it’s important that we can help our clients make sure that they have the qualifications needed in order to be approved for a loan and purchase a home. This course covers one of those qualifications: credit.5 mins$9Link
Mortgage: Debt to IncomeThe preapproval and DTI (debt to income) verification can strengthen your buyer’s offer – especially in a competitive market. Debt to income is a key factor in a buyer’s credit qualification and in their ability to “escalate” their offer if faced with other competing offers5 mins$9Link
Moving With KidsThis course presents insights into the unique purchasing habits of buyers that have children under the age of 18 and covers marketing techniques and approaches that will help REALTORS® provide the best possible service to this large subset of buyers. It also provides an overview of Fair Housing language and offers guidance on how real estate agents can remain compliant.60 mins$29Link
Moving with PetsWith the millions of pets and animals in homes across the country, it is only natural that they have an impact on the buying and selling decisions of their owners. This online course will help you provide best-in-class service to this large subset of clients.60 mins$29Link
Multiple Offers: Managing ExpectationsThis course is the first in a two-part series covering the fundamentals of preparing clients for the negotiating process in a multiple offer situation. In this course, we discuss market indicators and how supply and demand factor into the potential success of failure of an offer.  We also discuss how to explain this to buyers so they understand as well as assisting them in making their offers stronger – without continuing to raise the price. Escalation clauses and gap appraisal issues are also explored.36 mins$9Link
Multiple Offers: Rules of EngagementThis course is the second in a two-part series covering the fundamentals of preparing clients for the negotiating process in a multiple offer situation. In this course we cover the rules in the Code of Ethics regarding presentation of offers with emphasis on multiple offers and what both the buyers and sellers options are. We go one step further and look at two of the issues that cause our contracts to fail – the home inspection and appraisal issues – and what we as agents can do to assist our clients in both areas.43 mins$9Link
My First Day in Real EstateIf you are newer to the real estate business or are revamping your business, this course covers fundamental tasks to complete to ensure you get on the right track from the beginning. This course discusses CRMs, your value proposition, education, and goal setting, all of which will help you establish a clear path to success.10 mins$9Link
Opening the Hearts of Your AudiencePublic speaking is nerve-wracking for many, but it doesn’t have to be! This course will provide you with tools and techniques to help you master the art of capturing the hearts, minds, and ears of your audience. 11 mins$9Link
Overcoming iBuyers in Your Local MarketiBuying is one of the fastest growing segments in the real estate market. This course provides an overview of iBuying, how it is working in today’s market, and the ways in which you can combat the potential impact of iBuying on your business.12 mins$9Link
Plan to SucceedThis video discusses the basics of success for REALTORS®, including roadblocks, challenges and idea to help keep you and your career on track. We discuss the unstructured nature of the business, the daily challenges of unexpected issues, sporadic income, and demanding clients. We talk about setting parameters and expectations with clients, organizing your time, developing a plan and following it. We walk you through how to assess your last year’s performance, and plan for next year.11 mins$9Link
Prequalification vs PreapprovalWhat is the difference between being prequalified and being preapproved? Why should we as real estate agents be concerned with the difference and how can we help our clients ensure that they are preapproved? This course will help you answer these questions so that you can ensure a smooth transaction for you and your clients.5 mins$9Link
Pricing for TimeEducating sellers about the market value of their home, particularly in a changing market, can be challenging! When assisting a seller in listing their property, pricing for time and providing ranges can help crystalize the seller’s motivation and need while also giving a sense of reality to pricing. 11 mins$9Link
Pricing in a Changing Market, Part 1In this course you will learn about the fundamentals of pricing: what it is, different approaches to valuing a home, and key reasons why home prices can vary across different markets.10 mins$9Link
Property Managers, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, & the Fair Debt Collection Practice ActAs a property manager, we have the ability to approve or deny applicants. Understanding how the process of extending credit works, what federal law requires of property managers, and what to do if we are unable to approve an applicant are all vital to staying in compliance and to being “fair”. In this course, both the FCRA and FDCPA will be outlined for you with details of the law, what must be followed, and what would be considered best practices.8 mins$9Link
Prospecting for ProfitProspecting can feel intimidating or even unnecessary, but when done intentionally it can be an effective way to grow your network and your business. This course explores the importance of prospecting for real estate professionals and how to build prospecting into your day-to-day business.23 mins$9Link
Qualifying BuyersWorking with buyers can be time consuming but it is even worse when it doesn’t culminate with a sale. This course discusses how to qualify buyers before you start working with them.  We will cover what information needs to be collected and provided when working with buyers.10 mins$9Link
Recording VideoVideo has become the #1 go to for many businesses and individuals, especially within the past several years. However, there still remains a level of uncertainty around video due to the fact that some have no idea where to start and/or assume that high quality means high dollar. This isn’t the case! This course covers the ins and outs of working with the equipment you have, as well as ways to market your video content to a wide audience.12 mins$9Link
Repurposing Video Content Imagine creating one piece of content that can be repurposed into up to 200 different forms of content. Video content allows you to generate leads and you can repurpose video rather than creating new material, using it across all different types of media. 13 mins$9Link
ResiliencyLearn how real estate agents and businesses can use resiliency and sustainability planning to reduce, adapt to, and mitigate risks. Discover how having a plan can help to absorb the stress of disruptive events and deliver optimal recovery.11 mins$9Link
Saving Money for a Rainy DayThis course discusses general real estate trends with the goal of helping REALTORS® reflect on their financial situation and prepare for future emergencies or market changes.9 mins$9Link
Saving WaterWhether you’re located in a dry climate, want to save resources, or want to cut your energy costs, water conservation is something that you can do! This video provides an overview of the many ways you can save water inside and outside of the home.
Topics Covered
8 mins$9Link
Selling AmenitiesNow more than ever, people are thinking about what living in their homes can look like. This course explores classic and modern amenities in real estate sales and discusses best practices for communicating the benefits of the amenities to potential clients.11 mins$9Link
Selling Your Brokerage: What to do 3 Years from NowAs a broker/owner, have you ever considered what’s next? If you have thought about selling your brokerage at some point, even if now is not the right time, you need to be prepared for when the time is right. Most owners don’t realize they should plan for a sale up to three years in advance. This course provides you with detailed steps on what to do and how to prepare.10 mins$9Link
Service Animals & Emotional Support Animals: Knowing the Right Questions to AskIn today’s real estate world, we are seeing more and more pets claimed as Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals. How do real estate professionals know if these are protected animals and what questions can they ask? This course provides you with the knowledge needed to adhere to legal requirements and to support the needs of your tenants/occupants.10 mins$9Link
Smart Homes & Keeping SafeIf you have not sold a smart home yet, it is not likely long before you do. More devices and features continue to enter the marketplace and they have increased in popularity with consumers. This course provides you with the information needed to prepare you to help clients who are interested in buying or selling smart homes.12 mins$9Link
Social Media Marketing PlansThis course will help you create a 12-month marketing calendar of relevant content that connects you to the businesses and communities that you serve. Discover resources that supply you with content and wake up daily knowing what to post and when to post it.12 mins$9Link
Solar BasicsThis video will provide a basic understanding of photovoltaic (PV) solar. It includes tips and tools to make a solar sale successful and how you can leverage your client’s financial investment and your own brand value by demonstrating knowledge of how to sell a property with solar and how to maximize value and marketability at the same time.11 mins$9Link
Start with Z: The Z Generation & How to PrepareThe Z Generation is reported to make up 26% of the United States population and is the largest generation we’ve seen to date. While they share some similarities with previous generations, they are also very different. Real estate professionals need to understand the preferences of the Z generation and prepare our businesses for these soon-to-be buyers and sellers.12 mins$9Link
Temperament & Behavior of Today’s GenerationsWith advancements in technology, changes in personal preferences and ways of thinking, and other factors, how does one work effectively with the different generations? Learn how to apply the necessary skills and knowledge to understand, communicate, and market yourself and your business to each generation.13 mins$9Link
The 4 Goals of a Real Estate Marketing PlanBefore you start marketing you need to know what exactly you are trying to accomplish and who your target audience is. This course explores four goals that will help you to develop a comprehensive real estate marketing plan.9 mins$9Link
The 7 Deadly Sins For A SellerIn this course you will learn the seven things to avoid when looking to sell your home. From tips on pricing to negotiations, you will learn more about the strategies that can help you close homes and sell.10 mins$9Link
The Commercial Sale ProcessThis video covers the process of completing commercial sales and the various differences and similarities between commercial and residential real estate.12 mins$9Link
The Importance of ResearchResearch can enable you to not only better serve your clients but to build your brand as the go-to person for up to date information about your market. This course will help you develop your research skills, including the questions to ask, places to sources data, and ways to manage your time so that you’re able to stay ahead of what’s happening in your market place.16 mins$9Link
The Key to Landing PagesThis course covers the fundamentals of landing page design and the ways that you can drive prospective clients to your landing page and, ultimately, to your content.11 mins$9Link
The Weight of WordsThe ways in which real estate professionals and their clients interact today has changed from how it looked and sounded in the past. Clients are more knowledgeable and have access to more information than ever via the internet. Therefore, their expectation of what they need from their agent has changed. This course discusses business practices for today’s client, how to be intentional in the words you use, and how to set your value proposition from the first conversation with your client.10 mins$9Link
Top 11 Reasons to Run Your Business on GoogleThese days, there are many options for running your business, including Microsoft, Apple, and Evernote. In this video you will learn Craig Grant’s top 11 reasons for why Google and its GSuite platform is the most comprehensive and cost-efficient solution to run your real estate business safely and securely in the cloud.15 mins$9Link
Top 5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website’s SEOIf you have a website you know the biggest challenge is being found and directing traffic to your site. In this course, you will learn the top 5 things you can do right now to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.21 mins$9Link
Top Apps for REALTORS®With so many apps to choose from, where do you even start? This video will walk you through Craig Grant’s recommendations for the 11 best apps for REALTORS® to use to help you get and stayed organized, excel at your job remotely, and more.13 mins$9Link
Top Apps for Virtual Real EstateAugmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Most modern mobile devices have this functionality built into their operating systems. This course covers Craig Grant’s recommendations for apps that can help you take your real estate business to the next level and allow you to be at the cutting age of virtual real estate.8 mins$9Link
Top Real Estate Apps for ConsumersWhile some real estate consumers do a lot of research and find real estate apps themselves, most customers look to their REALTOR® for guidance. This course helps you to be prepared to help them by walking you through Craig Grant’s recommendations for top apps for real estate consumers.7 mins$9Link
Top Tools to Create Video in Your Home OfficeMany of us have had to conduct more of our business from home; but if we can’t meet with people face to face, we can create virtual solutions! This course discusses the tools and apps that will help you develop video content and conduct your business in any real estate environment.12 mins$9Link
Top Tools to Create Video On the GoOne minute of video content is equivalent to 1.8 million word! This course walks you through the tools that can help you create engaging content no matter where you are, as well as tips for using those tools effectively.18 mins$9Link
Understanding Pricing Part 1: The Principle of SubstitutionThis course discusses the principle of substitution and the impact that this principle can have on a buyer’s decision making process, as well as the economic conditions that agents need to stay aware of when working with clients. 10 mins$9Link
Using Market Data Persuasively: 5 Key IndicatorsIn the Using Market Data Persuasively series, you’ll learn how to help your current and prospective clients make well-informed decisions about buying and selling in today’s market. This course examines the five key indicators to track in order to understand where your market is heading.10 mins$9Link
Using Market Data Persuasively: Absorption RatesIn the Using Market Data Persuasively series, you’ll learn how to help your current and prospective clients make well-informed decisions about buying and selling in today’s market. This course explains how to use absorption rates to measure supply and demand, so you can help your clients evaluate their position in the market.10 mins$9Link
Using Market Data Persuasively: Identifying TrendsIn the Market Data series, you’ll learn how to help your current and prospective clients make well-informed decisions about buying and selling in today’s market. This session introduces an easy and approachable way to begin identifying trends in your market.10 mins$9Link
Using Market Data Persuasively: Powerful PresentationsIn the Using Market Data Persuasively series, you’ll learn how to help your current and prospective clients make well-informed decisions about buying and selling in today’s market. This course explores techniques for delivering a powerful presentation using market data.10 mins$9Link
Vetting a Lender’s Approval LetterAll agents should “vet” a lender’s approval letter anytime a mortgage or financing is a part of a transaction. The phone call with the lender is vital to the success or failure of your client’s transaction. This course includes a sample call with a lender, where Smit demonstrates the information you’ll want to verify in order to determine an approval letter’s accuracy.7 mins$9Link
Video Platforms for Connecting with Today’s AudienceVideo has taken an increasingly central role in how professionals conduct business. Not only is video being used for promotional and branding efforts, but i’s also being used for communication.  This course will show you how to navigate through the various video platforms and how to identify which ones are best suited to meet the needs and wants of your clients.11 mins$9Link
Video: Virtual ToursVirtual tours are becoming a staple for real estate listings. This course covers the top ten steps to a successful virtual tour.9 mins$9Link
Waste Diversion in ConstructionToday, construction waste accounts for up to 50% of all solid waste in landfills. This video covers the strategies and practices you can use to reduce waste, lessen your carbon footprint, improve efficiency, and save money in construction and remodeling projects. 11 mins$9Link
What Investors WantDuring this course you will learn how to qualify investor clients before starting to work with them: how to define their investment goals and the different types of investment opportunities. This course also covers the questions you need to ask to your investor clients before you start searching for properties, and why you should consider investing yourself.8 mins$9Link
What is Title Insurance & What Do I Do with It?Title insurance and title commitment are a necessity in almost every transaction, but what is it, and what should we do with it? This course covers the the key factors you need to be aware of when working with clients so that you can help them successfully navigate the process of securing title insurance.8 mins$9Link
What the FiduciaryFiduciary duties are a cornerstone to our value proposition and to taking care of our clients. This course discusses how real estate professionals show up when working with clients, key things to explain to potential clients, and how to uphold your fiduciary responsibilities throughout the transaction.11 mins$9Link
Why I Hate Open Houses But Still Do ThemIf you’re considering whether or not to host open houses, or if you want to host one and aren’t sure where to start, this is the course for you. Learn how to prepare for and conduct an effective open house, as well as how to maximize the event as an opportunity to generate new business and expand your network.13 mins$9Link
Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a CRM A Customer Relationship Management or CRM system is a vital tool for any business these days and even more so in the real estate industry. Additionally, today’s CRMs are much more than contact management and lead follow up systems.  In this course, you will learn what a CRM is and the ways in which a CRM can help you run your real estate business.13 mins$9Link
Winning in a Seller’s Market: Finding the Right HomeIn the Winning in a Seller’s Market series, you’ll learn how to help your clients gain an edge in a competitive buying environment. This course discusses creative strategies for thinking and working outside the box when it comes to the home search.10 mins$9Link
Winning in a Seller’s Market: Setting Buyer ExpectationsIn the Winning in a Seller’s Market series, you’ll learn how to help your clients gain an edge in a competitive buying environment. This course discusses techniques for helping buyers understand what to expect on their way to finding the right home.10 mins$9Link
Winning in a Seller’s Market: Structuring the OfferIn the Winning in a Seller’s Market series, you’ll learn how to help your clients gain an edge in a competitive buying environment. In this course, discover how to step up your negotiating game and structure the offer for the win.10 mins$9Link
Your Database = Your ValueBuilding and maintaining a database is correlated to your success as a real estate professional. Do you have a database? This course discusses the process of creating, maintaining, and utilizing your database of clients. 7 mins$9Link