Negotiations CE Course



Principles of Effective Negotiation
Copyright 2020 Charles Coit

Welcome to this course on Negotiation

“This program has been approved by the Director of the Real Estate Commission for six clock hours toward fulfillment of the educational requirements for activation or renewal of a real estate license. The Commission is interested in the quality and delivery of educational programs which are offered to licensees and, therefore, welcomes and encourages comments regarding program subject matter and quality of delivery of the program.”

This course is made up of text, YouTube videos, easy questions to review and reinforce content, and finally, a quiz of 20 questions. To receive a Certificate of Completion, the Commission requires that you get a grade of 85 + on the quiz; this means you must answer correctly 17 of the 20 questions on the quiz. And complete the course evaluation following the quiz.

To complete the course, you are to read the text, watch the videos, and answer the easy True/False questions based on the content interspersed throughout the course. You must answer the easy True/False questions to progress through the material. When you have completed all material, you will come to the quiz: 20 True/False questions that are graded. When you have achieved a passing grade on that quiz, you will find a course evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, you will be able to access your certificate of completion.