Designated Broker Course

** Hardcopy book included.  Course runs October 11 – December 13.  Exact dates and times included in the description below.


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The Designated Broker course is a 50-hour program designed to meet the criteria for getting a Maine broker real estate license. This twice a week, 50-hour, fun, and interactive class will cover the skills needed to take your practice to the next level, understand the role of the Designated Broker in the operation of a real estate agency, and refresh your knowledge of all facets of real estate brokerage in Maine. Associate Brokers passing this class can obtain their full Broker License. To serve as the Designated Broker of an agency, a Brokers license is required.

This course has been traditionally taught live in a classroom setting. However, we now offer it over Zoom to make it more convenient for those all over Maine and beyond, a feature that many students are finding effective and efficient.

The course covers:

Business planning, creating a company policy manual, risk management, ethical issues, and how to set up an effective training program, and more!

The course is based on the book, Running a Successful Maine Real Estate Company, by Charles “Kim” Coit.

To get a broker’s license, students need to have 2 years as an associate broker plus a grade of 75 or better in this class.

The course price includes all textbooks and materials.

Classes are held on Zoom on Tuesday and Fridays, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, on the following dates:

October 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28.
November 1, 4, 8 (No class Friday 11/11, Veterans Day) 15, 18, (No class Thanksgiving Week), 29
December 2, 6, 9, 13 (Final Exam)