Class NameDescriptionCostDuration
Buyers By Generation: Success in Every SegmentAs a real estate professional, you have learned from experience that although no two homebuyers are the same, they do share some common tendencies based on life stages and generational groupings. The goal of this course is to instill a better understanding of these generational characteristics and to help you adapt your communications, marketing, and face to-face interactions to provide the services that buyer-clients value.$1156 hours
RRC – Working with Real Estate InvestorsReal estate investors do not think like home buyers. They have unique needs, and the savvy REALTOR® can build a powerful, loyal niche business by understanding and exceeding those needs, and offering value added services. This 2-hour course will cover the types of residential real estate investors, how to attract and maintain investor business, how to assist in long-range planning, and create a client relationship for life.$502 hours
Marketing Strategy and Lead GenerationThe Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation course will help you to both develop a multi – pronged marketing approach that authentically represents your brand and identify strategies for lead generation and client cultivation.$1156 hours
Home Finance ResourceThe Home Finance Resource certification course will help you build a deep understanding of all aspects of mortgage finance, enabling you to add value for your clients and grow a thriving real estate business.$1156 hours
CCIM Institute: Using Excel as your Financial CalculatorLearn how to fully harness the power of Microsoft Excel for your financial calculations in real estate analysis. Using Excel as Your Financial Calculator takes you step-by-step in utilizing the program as a powerful financial tool, replacing a financial calculator or a financial calculator app. You’ll also learn the building blocks for any financial analysis and how to create customized analyses for any situation.$1302.5 hours