You’ve decided to start your career in real estate or you want to advance your career.  There are 3 levels of agent licensing in Maine.

Sales Agent – this is the beginning or “apprentice” license.  You acquire a sales agent license by successfully completing the Sales Agent course and then passing the Pearson VUE state exam.  The Sales Agent license is good for 2 years, at which point you will need to upgrade your license to Associate Broker.

Associate Broker – this is the next level of licensing in Maine.  You acquire an Associate Broker license by successfully completing the Associate Broker course.  You must apply for an Associate Broker license no sooner than 30 days before the second anniversary of your Sales Agent license.  Once you have an Associate Broker license, you can renew this license every 2 years, as long as you have at least 21 hours of continuing education.

Designated Broker – this is the final level of licensing in Maine and allows you to operate your own real estate agency or to perform those duties for another agency.  Associate Brokers must have at least 2 years full time experience to qualify for a Broker license and must pass the Designated Broker course.

If you already hold a license in another state – or your Maine Associate Broker license has expired, you can get or reactivate your license by taking and passing the real estate law portion of the Pearson Vue state exam.