Designated Broker Course

Price: $425

This is a 50-hour program approved by the Maine Real Estate Commission as meeting the criteria for getting a Maine broker real estate license, and to serve as the Designated Broker of an agency. Taught in a classroom setting, the course covers business planning, writing a company policy manual, risk management, ethical issues, how to set up an effective training program, and more. The course is based on the book Running a Successful Maine Real Estate Company, written by Charles “Kim” Coit.

To get a broker’s license, students need to have a minimum of 2 years as an associate broker plus a grade of 75 or better in this class.

The Designated Broker Course includes the following materials:

  • Running a Successful Real Estate Company textbook
  • Maine Real Estate Commission License Law Reference Book

Instructors: Tom Coward, Esq.  and Charlene Hamiwka